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Disable to Able - from suffering to enlightenment is the story of my inspiring journey.

Jan Kuperman's life has been filled with adventure and travel. Her family moved constantly from when she was seven and her childhood was spent moving from school to school. By the age of fourteen, she'd lived in three different countries and attended twelve different schools. A gypsy of sorts, she found herself learning and growing with a diverse and ever-changing mix of people and experiences. Her working life was also transient, with a range of diverse and varied jobs by the time she was 30. This upbringing brought with it the skills of adapting, constantly learning, and a willingness to take new paths.


Jan found a great job working in a hospital where she, unfortunately, contracted two viruses simultaneously. This event, and her body's reaction, was what lead her on a harrowing path of pain and suffering. Little did she realise then that this experience would leave her with a disability that would change her life.

Through a series of health-related problems and misdiagnosis, Jan faced a bleak future and was told she would become wheelchair-bound for life. Through her determination to find the answers to regain her health, she began a journey of discovery outside the medical field. She would uncover new pathways and modalities where her own body, mind and spirit could begin to reverse the damage that was once thought to be irreparable. 

My fictional book - The Dog Code Decoded

I love dogs, big dogs, small dogs, crazy fun-loving dogs, timid dogs—I love them all.

I love many other animals too, but dogs are my passion.

My family kept dogs since when I was six years of age. They rescued a greyhound who was underperforming and about to be put down. Greyhound rescue wasn’t as well known in the 1970s. Another time they also took in an old corgi, who was either lost or had been dumped. He was completely worn out from walking and collapsed from exhaustion outside our home on the Mornington Peninsula. He became my dog for a short time until he died of old age, but his time with us was precious.

As you will read in these pages, I am and have been the happy owner of Chow Chows. Their stories—well, some of them—are to be found on these pages for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

I dedicate this book to the five wonderful Chows that have come into my life over the last thirty years. My life would have been less without them.

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