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                   DISABLED TO ABLE


I had read about the death of a woman who was a world-renowned talented artist and a vibrant creative woman known by royalty and the heads of state. She was someone whom my husband and I had met, liked, joked with, and who was left in crippling pain from nerve damage after surgery. She had fallen to her death from her high-rise apartment and was now lost forever.

Her loss resonated with me as I too have endured intense pain that goes for months on end and experienced a mindset where you cannot think straight and have felt close to the edge.

Hearing of this tragedy was one of the reasons why I decided to share my story in the hope that you explore the many ways that we can heal our bodies and our minds through alternate therapies.

I hope, by sharing my story of being on a disability pension and being told I would be wheelchair- bound, this book will help you discover your own healing journey.

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Julie Mahoney Qld Australia

I was surprised how informative this book is. It takes you on a journey of struggling with health issues to inner strength. I now always look outside the box when it comes to medical problems

Madonna Lee Qld Australia

Wonderful book detailing the author's healing journey. Filled with lots of great resources and information on healing modalities. Highly recommended.

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            Book Reviews

Kawena Gordon, Gold Coast Australia

Being an Author myself I believe a book should be entertaining to keep us interested.


Jan Kuperman writes Simply, Honestly and keeps it flowing.

People often say once they start reading some books they can’t put it down till the end.

This is definitely one of them.

Jan has written from the heart and shares her feelings with us along the way.

Her descriptions of her Journey help us understand when things were good, or not so good the ability to think extremely Positive gets her through much physical pain and discomfort.

It can help others do the same. 


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Gail Tagarro -Editor & Coach

Jan your book is so moving -especially the latter parts. I had tears in my eyes.

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